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100% Doula Business Training

I have known Alice Turner, owner of 100% Doula (formerly YourDoulaBag.com), for many years. She is incredibly smart, genuinely nice and an excellent role model for birth professionals. She has an online training program to help doulas advance their businesses called 100% Doula.

This program opens a few times a year (typically February and September). I highly recommend it if you are in need of guidance with your business! When I was a new doula, I had no idea how to market myself and reach new clients. It was a long struggle to get my name out there and an even bigger struggle to get organized and learn how to balance life and birth work. Alice's program would have been such a help to me (if only it was around 10+ years ago). The program is very thorough, helps you to focus on your business goals and offers support from other doulas going through the program (or new graduates of the program).  

Plumtree Baby is an affiliate of this course (the only affiliate program that we are a part of) and we are happy to answer any questions that you have about it. Send us an email! You can read more about the program here


Julie Olson

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