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Thoughtful Birth Professional of the Month - Alice Turner, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Our Thoughtful Birth Professional of the month is Alice Turner, Doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and owner of and Alice is an extraordinary woman who works tirelessly to support other birth professionals and her clients through her many roles. We are pleased to share more about her philosophy and her company.

Alice has been a birth professional for the past seven years. After having two children and assisting a friend during her birth, she realized her passion for birth could be used in a professional capacity and became a doula. Her roles have evolved over the years as she recognized the needs of her fellow birth professionals for more access to quality products and business tools. Alice started three years ago and provides tools, such as pre-packed birth bags, birth ball covers, jewelry and other birth-related items. Her latest venture,, is an online doula client management tool that brings a new level of organization and ease to any doula’s busy life.

Through our interactions with Alice, we can see that she is a passionate problem-solver who wants to elevate and support her clients and fellow birth workers. She incorporates thoughtfulness in her work, both with her CBE and doula clients, through her desire to “closely consider how to express an idea to [parents] so that it will be well received” and with customers, whom she recognizes as essentially small-business owners. Her business’ supplies, tools and time-saving program seek to truly benefit birth professionals and their clients. 

Like many others, Alice struggles to find time for all of her passions and to avoid burn-out from difficult or exhausting births. Her belief in her work and her passion keep her going. Her advice to other new birth professionals is heartening: “Go for it! Don't be scared away by seasoned professionals or the know-it-alls of the world. There isn't a shortage of babies in the world and until every mother has a childbirth educator, lactation consultant, labor doula and postpartum doula then there is plenty of room for more!”

We are so pleased to have such a warm, caring and passionate woman featured this month. Thank you Alice, for all that you have done and are continuing to do to support parents and birth professionals, alike!

Julie Olson

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