Doula Trainings International and Plumtree Baby are Partnering Up!

Doula Trainings International and Plumtree Baby are Partnering Up!

We are thrilled to tell you that Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano, founders of Doula Trainings International, have chosen to use Plumtree Baby booklets as part of their doula training curriculum! They will begin using these products at their upcoming training in northern California at the end of September, 2011.

Doula Trainings International is a remarkable new doula certifying organization that has been developed with both passion and practicality in mind - a natural fit for Plumtree Baby! Not only will DTI be educating and certifying new doulas with up-to-date, evidence based information, they will also put particular emphasis on business skills and development to make becoming a doula a viable career path. Additionally, they offer a one-of-a-kind mentorship program to their doula trainees to encourage and support them in their blossoming career. As those of us who are doulas know, having someone to talk to after weeks of being on call, after spending 30+ hours with a laboring mother, after seeing a well-intentioned, well-planned birth go sideways, is invaluable. The doulas that certify through DTI have this built into their certification and training process, enabling them to ultimately be more successful and to stick with birth work for the long-term.

We are so tremendously excited and grateful to play a part in the education of future doulas and in the education of the expectant families they will work with! Please visit the DTI website or their facebook page for more information on why we’re so enthusiastic to work with this organization! We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on their progress, and ours, as this partnership progresses!

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