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How do you stay updated, but not become overwhelmed? – Plumtree Baby

How do you stay updated, but not become overwhelmed?

childbirth educators keeping up to date Childbirth professionals today are inundated with emails, event invitations and social networking updates all providing us with what is supposed to be the latest and greatest information or product. With the flood of information that comes our way, how do we sift through what is important, what is useful, and what is just plain unnecessary?

As childbirth professionals, not only are we pressed for time (which probably does not allow us to fully explore all of the interesting links & comments that come our way), but we are also tremendously passionate about our work (which makes us WANT to see everything!), and it can create a major time dilemma for us to sift through all of the data we receive.

Here at Plumtree Baby, we are no exception. We are trying to build and strengthen our networks, to stay updated on new trends and topics, and to provide relevant content as well. Some tricks that we’ve learned (or are still learning!) to help tackle the mountain of information that comes are way are:

  1. Subscribe to blogs, Pinterest boards or participate in other social networks that have previously proven their value to you or your business. Choose platforms where you feel most comfortable, that are easy to navigate without spending too much time and where you are learning and growing as a birth professional. The best are those that provide new and interesting information without out lot of social drama. 
  2. Become a little more choosy with which boards, accounts or pages that you follow. While it is great to be able to connect to people on a large social network and you want to grow your own business likes or connections, it can also leave you sifting through hundreds or thousands of comments DAILY looking for the best information or the most relevant people to connect with. Following every last birth-related pin, thread or article that comes your way can drain both time and energy that could be better focused elsewhere and have more benefit to you in the long run. 
  3. If you see something online that particularly resonates with you, like it, comment on it or share it. This is a great way to begin connecting with like-minded professionals and to participate in a conversation on topics that you already find important or interesting. You will also remember these sources and go back to them next time. 
  4. Set a schedule or choose certain days of the week for when you permit yourself to use social media. Be sure to set a time limit to keep you focused and avoid losing too much time on unimportant topics. 

Now it’s your turn:

How do you manage to stay updated using social media? What are the best ways you’ve found to build strong relationships with professionals and clients online? What are some of your struggles with the inundation of information you receive?  Do you have any tips and tricks for other professionals to stay updated/connected?

If you think these tips are useful, we would love you to pin them on Pinterest or share on social media! 

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