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Product Bundle Updates

As you may know, we are rolling out many new breastfeeding resources. In the process, we are making some changes to our existing product bundles to give you more flexibility to purchase just what you need. Whether you teach childbirth classes, work one-on-one with new mothers during pregnancy or postpartum, or provide resources for your patients, we have the product to meet your needs. We summarizes these recent product updates below.

Brand New Breastfeeding Poster Set

Our Breastfeeding Poster Set contains four posters that provide a wealth of information for parents in a modern format. The set includes one of each of the following in the small or large size:

    1. Breastfeeding Your Newborn
    2. Newborn Hunger Cues
    3. Breastfeeding Positions
    4. Breastfeeding Basics
 New options for the Desktop Poster Display

In the past, our Desktop Display Set came with 12 posters, including our small Breastfeeding Basics and Breastfeeding Positions posters. You can now purchase the Display with only our childbirth education posters (the CBE Only Display Set of 10 posters) or you can buy all 14 of the posters in the Full Display Set, including all four breastfeeding posters. The display contains 20 sleeves and holds up to 40 posters, so you can add the Spanish or French versions or your own visual aids to the extra sleeves. 

New, Affordable Visual Aid Set

The Visual Aid Set is all new and at a lower price, too! We have removed the Breastfeeding resources, as well as a few redundant items and lowered the price by $45!

The Educator Starter Package

The Educator Starter Package was updated to add some of our new products and to reflect the same changes in the Visual Aid Set above, lowering the price by $35.



Julie Olson

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