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Pinterest for Childbirth Education – Plumtree Baby

Pinterest for Childbirth Education

I am obsessed with Pinterest, but not in the typical way. I don’t usually pin over-the-top ideas for my kids’ birthday parties or gourmet kitchen makeovers that will never happen. I am obsessed with the amazing amount of information and resources about birth that are right at my fingertips (although I must confess, I do occasionally pin some awesome home DIY projects).

There are a huge number of women using Pinterest to inspire them and help them improve their lives. This may be especially true during pregnancy, where women are seeking information on a variety of topics. As experts, we can use Pinterest to help women find the best information and build a community with our current students.

Simple ways to use Pinterest for CBE: 
  1. Create a board for each of the main topics you teach about in class and pin relevant, evidence-based resources for students to learn more about these topics. Some suggested boards:
    1. healthy pregnancy
    2. labor/birth
    3. comfort measures
    4. interventions
    5. cesareans
    6. newborns
    7. breastfeeding
  2. Have a group board and invite class participants to pin interesting and relevant content. You can make one for each class or just have an ongoing board with pins from prior classes. You can make this board private if you wish or allow anyone to see it. Promote interaction by asking students questions in the comments or offer suggestions based on the content they pin.
  3. Have a board with local resources that can benefit parents. For example, pin the websites of local lactation consultants, pregnancy fitness classes or nearby mom and baby groups.

Pinterest tips:
  • Be sure each of your pins are linked to the original source to avoid dead ends (when clicking the pin, it doesn’t take you to the source). To edit your pin urls, use this handy guide
  • Add your location to your pins so they show up in local searches. 
  • Pin your own website to each of the boards to make it easy for student to contact you.
  • Pick one day per week to work on pinning, commenting and/or updating your boards so that you are not overwhelmed by the work or spending all of your time on Pinterest.

    If you like these tips, be sure to pin them and check out our other childbirth ed resources on Pinterest.

    Julie Olson

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