2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review

The past year brought some challenges, but there were some bright spots too. Take a quick look back and celebrate these huge milestones with us.

Newborn Care Materials

We were excited to welcome a new line of resources last year. Our Newborn Care book and PowerPoint were published in September and we had a blast celebrating our "baby shower" with all of you.

Newborn Care Book:

With 48 pages, this book is chock-full of information and visuals to help parents adjust and care for their newborn from the first moments through the first few months. It includes information on newborn medical care, appearance, feeding, diapering and much, much more!

The PowerPoint:

Covering all of the same information as the book, the PowerPoint includes visuals and topic highlights to help you explain the basics of caring for a new baby. With 130 slides, this versatile resources will make teaching in person or online a breeze.

New Ways to Use Our Resources

When the pandemic began, our customers quickly pivoted from in-person to online childbirth and parenting classes. We were able to pivot as well and offer resources for online classes. 


Digital versions of our popular books continue to be a useful resource for both online and in-person classes. Ebooks can be purchased in bulk (sets of 10) or individually by parents. In addition, we added a FREE downloadable companion workbook for our Preparing for Birth book that provides engaging questions and thoughtful prompts for planning the birth experience. 

Direct Shipping:

Many parents taking online classes prefer to have printed resources to refer to during and after class. We introduced our Direct Shipping Program to send printed materials directly to parents across the country and save educators the time and hassle. The program has worked well, but we realized that most educators are sending one packet at a time. To simplify the process, educators can now place orders through our website to be sent to one client address at a time. Shipping is just $5 per address. 

PowerPoints For You

Having an organized, professional slide deck for online classes is a must. Last year, we expanded the PowerPoint titles to meet your needs. 

Custom PowerPoints:

Having a consistent design and branding for your online classes is now affordable and easy. Last year, we simplified the ordering process, expanded the custom options and improved the turn-around time for Custom PowerPoints. We enjoyed creating unique designs for so many of our customers last year. Check out some of the designs we created

Mini PowerPoints:

We know that there were many unexpected expenses last year. To help our customers' budgets, we introduced two Mini PowerPoint courses that provide the basics in an affordable and professional manner. 

We are humbled and grateful that you chose us to partner with you over the past year and we look forward to what 2021 will bring.