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New and Improved Childbirth Curriculum

Childbirth Curriculum Childbirth Educators need resources to support the type of class that they want to teach and to meet the needs of their potential students. Though there are many training programs available, there are not many resources for what and how to teach. This is one of the driving forces behind what we do a Plumtree Baby: to give you the modern and informative tools and resources that you need. You can read more about how we got started and what we are all about in our article "How Plumtree Baby Was Born."  

While some educators prefer to teach a particular method with a fixed format and curriculum, others desire to have a more customized approach and to adjust their curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of their students. We published our Childbirth Curriculum in 2012 to help you develop a course that is tailored to your students, while also giving you the tools to inspire learning, provide up-to-date references and resources, and create engaging class activities. It provides a framework for you to quickly and easily plan and market your unique childbirth courses. 

Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum

Our first Childbirth Curriculum has been a huge success, and we are excited to announce that the second edition is complete! Based on your feedback and new research in the field of birth, we have been working for the past several months to revise and expand the curriculum to better match the content of our parent guides (the booklets in the Complete Set) and to give you even more resources and activities to use in your classes. Our Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum is now available and includes detailed lessons and specific teaching strategies for each of our booklets, as well as activities and resources to supplement your course. As before, the curriculum comes with a CD-Rom containing the resources, handouts and marketing materials that you may print for your personal use or for distribution to your clients. The CD (Class Activities and Handouts) is also available for purchase separate from the Curriculum. 

*For a limited time, you will receive a free Complete Set with the purchase of our Second Edition Childbirth Curriculum. Place your order by December 31 and you will automatically receive your free Complete Set (no need to add it to you shopping cart). 

Julie Olson

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