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Labor and Birth Quick Reference Guides

Labor and Birth Quick Reference Guide

There are some expectant parents who crave knowledge and read everything they can. They devour books and search the web for information and answers to their questions. Others are less interested in learning about labor and perhaps believe they will learn as they go. All parents benefit from education about labor and birth. 

It is easy to meet the needs of those in the first group because they usually seek out your classes or ask lots of questions. These parents usually appreciate receiving a copy of The Birth Process booklet, which provides a chance for them to learn the particulars of labor and birth, whether as an in-class guide, to read later at home or even as a reference during labor.

Though The Birth Process booklet is a great resource, we realize that it might not meet the needs of those parents who don't take a class, feel ambivalent about labor or feel overwhelmed by information. To serve parents at all levels, we have simplified the information even more and are proud to introduce our new Labor and Birth Quick Reference Guides. These full color handouts summarize the basics of labor using an easy-to-follow format, photos and illustrations.  

It is always useful to have an easy-to-read guide to help us remember information or teach us something new (without overwhelming us). Parents who otherwise might not read a more lengthy book or take a class will have a quick summary that might even spark an interest to learn more. We recognize that you and your clients have diverse needs and we want to help you reach your clients, no matter their interest level. 

Timing Contractions

A fellow childbirth educator gave us a great idea, suggesting that parents could really use help timing contractions by having something to reference that they wouldn't easily misplace. In response to her suggestion, we created our Timing Contractions Magnets with a contraction graph and tips that remind parents how to time contractions and when to call their care provider. These magnets can be placed on their refrigerator (or other magnetic surface) so they don't get lost.

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