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Photography to document pregnancy, birth and baby

More and more couples are choosing to have photography document their pregnancy, be a part of their birth experience and capture precious moments with their newborns. Many of these beautiful images are popping up on the internet and are truly works of art. We were fortunate to find Hayne Photographers (and their stunning clients), who allowed us to use one of their images on the cover of our brand new Natural Childbirth booklet and who agreed to share some “insider” tips for documenting this special time.


As photographers, what do you love most about your job? We love being able to express ourselves through our photography and have clients that "get" what we do. They are thrilled to see our work on their walls. We are honored by the trust that is given to us by families, parents and all of our clients to photograph moments that are so important. We don't take this responsibility lightly. We instead feel a great sense of pride to be given a chance to forever document these moments that will be only once in a lifetime.

What should parents look for when choosing a photographer? Parents should choose a photographer whose style they relate to or love. There are many photographers on the market, which provides a great opportunity for parents to find the perfect photographer for their family.  Don't settle for the cheapest or the most convenient photographer, but instead envision that photographer's images on your wall years from now. While there may be many photographers in your area, in this modern world, photographers portfolios are available online and they do travel. We have very discerning clients that are willing to fly us to where they are to get the portraits they are dreaming about.

How can parents ensure they get the photos they want? Parents should look at a comprehensive portfolio. Communicate with your photographer your vision for your photo shoot or even better, use reference images from their portfolio. We send our clients a guide that helps them with choosing their location, style of shoot, clothing suggestions and more.  We find that helps our clients prepare for their special shoot day.

What are some of the most popular or favorite poses/shots? With our clients, they are always looking for poses that bring out emotion in their images. They also want them to appear as a "real" moment and not staged photograph. At every portrait session it is our job to set up the pose and bring out the emotion in our clients to make it the image a "real moment" just like the photo featured on the cover of the Natural Childbirth booklet.

Are there any “insider” tips you can offer to parents? Mom's...pamper yourself. What I mean by this is by the 8th month of pregnancy, which is when we recommend that we do your maternity session, you may not feel "beautiful". Take the day of your photo shoot and have your hair and makeup done by a professional so you can sit back and relax. At our studio, we offer hair and makeup artist's services. This allows our clients to come in early, relax and let the pampering begin.

What are the most common requests you get from expectant parents? Questions regarding what should I wear, where should we have the photo shoot, etc. At our studio we curb a lot of this questions by sending them the informational guide to their maternity session that I referenced before.

What is the most common feedback or comments that you get from parents? We can honestly say the biggest compliment that we receive for our clients is thank you for giving us such and amazing experience. Another one is, thank you for making me look so beautiful. We love both of these comments and it is our goal in every type of our photo sessions to hear these!

We appreciate Hayne Photographers for for sharing their beautiful image with us and for providing their insider tips for beautiful maternity and newborn photography. Bellies and babies change a little each day and you can’t take these photos over again, so do your homework and find a professional who will provide the right style, personality and quality for your budget. These images are a treasure you will cherish!

Julie Olson

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