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Natural Childbirth booklets are here!

Our Natural Childbirth booklets have arrived! Thanks to all who have pre-ordered. They will be shipping them today! 

As we mentioned in our article last week: this booklet is one of the only workbooks on the market which is devoted entirely to natural birth and it has had the biggest improvements over the previous edition. We have merged the content from our Thoughtful Decisions booklet with Natural Childbirth, which has improved the flow of content and removed the redundancy. The new Natural Childbirth booklet helps parents identify and communicate their goals for birth, as well as understand the routine interventions that can influence their birth. Birth locations, care providers and other support roles are discussed, to help parents find a comfortable birth setting and a "team" of supportive people. In addition, we include inspiring natural birth stories to help parents mentally and emotionally prepare for a natural birth experience. 

These booklets are available individually, in bulk or as part of our Complete Set.

Julie Olson

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