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Preparing for Birth

Preparing for Birth is our newest workbook for childbirth education that combines three books into one comprehensive resource. Watch this quick overview:

Here are 4 reasons we are sure you will love it: 
1. Preparing for Birth will give you confidence, whether you’re a birth professional or an expectant parent. The book is full of the beautifully presented, evidence-based information that helps new parents make more knowledgeable decisions about their growing family. And the book makes it easy for birth professionals to walk new parents through the vital material.  
2. Preparing for Birth is all-encompassing. It covers the essential information parents need in order to prepare for birth and everything they will need to know about the 6 weeks following the birth. 
3. Preparing for Birth will simplify your planning by combining 3 resources in 1 - no folders or binders necessary. 
4. Preparing for Birth will save you money. By purchasing one resource, you'll save $6 on each one compared with purchasing the three booklets separately.


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Julie Olson

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